Our Services

Wali for Elevators Company specializes in supplying, installing, and maintaining all types of electric and hydraulic elevators (passenger, cargo, hospital, food) inside and outside buildings. We are experts in heavy-duty elevators and pioneers in constructing metal elevator towers for all types of elevators and loads.


Hydraulic elevators are a type of vertical transportation system commonly used in buildings to transport people and goods between different floors.

Electric elevators are a modern and widely used type of vertical transportation system found in buildings of various sizes.

Freight elevators are specialized vertical transportation systems designed to efficiently and safely transport heavy and bulky goods between different floors in commercial and industrial settings.

Elevator metal structures refer to the framework and supporting elements that compose elevators in buildings and other structures.


We supply all the necessary spare parts for all types of electric and hydraulic elevators.

We provide technical and engineering consultations to both governmental and private entities, and we can also offer price quotations for all types of elevators upon request. Additionally, we can establish annual maintenance contracts for elevators.

Our company offers comprehensive customer service in after-sales support and maintenance contracts, driven by our belief in our responsibilities towards our customers. This has made Wali for Elevators a leading company in the elevator industry.



We supply all types of elevators, such as commercial elevators, freight elevators, residential elevators, and small service elevators. We offer standard solutions that cover the most common requirements, as well as customized solutions to meet all customer needs. As quality is of utmost importance to us, we carefully select the brands we use to ensure the safety, quality, and durability of our products. We are committed to supply our products in a timely manner after the manufacturing and shipping processes, ensuring the delivery of elevators to construction sites to meet the needs of the main contractor.

Maintenance Works

Our company carries out monthly periodic maintenance works through highly skilled technicians who possess expertise and efficiency in their field. These technicians work under the supervision of specialized engineers with a high level of specialization and competence in maintenance operations.

Spare Parts