ABOUT Waly Elevators

Our Company History​

In Egypt, in 2023, "Waly company for elevators" is a leading company in the installation, supply, maintenance, repair, and modernization of elevators. They also provide diverse elevator designs, always striving to offer world-class products and services that satisfy their customers. The company is fully committed to upholding quality and safety standards as fundamental principles of its services.

The company is headquartered in 6th of October city, Sheikh Zayed, and has expanded its operations to include Saudi Arabia, It enjoys a good reputation in both the local and global markets by providing innovative and exceptional solutions to a wide range of sectors, including real estate, manufacturing, commercial projects, and residential buildings.

Customers are always our top priority, and this customer-centric approach is how we earn the trust of our clients.

Why Choose Us ?

Our success relies on our high-quality service and talented, specialized engineers and technicians who manage the operations of our elevator services and installations.


When there is passion, creativity thrives. Our integrated team, characterized by courage and passion, always strives to exceed customer expectations and align with evolving trends and requirements.

The company grows as its employees grow. Therefore, we provide regular opportunities for training and development for all members of our company in various fields or areas.

Customers are always our top priority, and this customer-centric approach is how we earn the trust of our clients. We commit to meeting the specified and timely project delivery schedules and provide excellent after-sales services.

The safety of our elevator technicians and passengers is of utmost importance. Therefore, at "Wali company," we strictly adhere to all health and safety standards to ensure the "comfort and security" of everyone involved.

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